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Looking for inspiration #1

I’ve never played Devil May Cry, but I’m well aware of who Dante is.  While watching some of the new MvC3 gameplay videos, I saw that he had some kind of ice attack (if someone can fill me in on … Continue reading

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Feeling restless

Very rough concept. Will change dramatically. Colors are not finalized. I was bit by the development bug a few days ago so I’ve actually got some significant progress with my project.  It’s rather silly to have a project in development … Continue reading

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I made him an offer he couldn’t Bulbasaur

Much of Sunday was spent preparing for the Elite Four and now I’m in Kanto looking for a Houndour to round out my team. The above picture is a very rough concept of the next animation although it may greatly … Continue reading

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Sideview Request Set #1 Progress

To people who I took requests from my old blog: I have completed scripting the 3 of the 4 requests.  The last one is a bit time consuming.  My forecast on completing this set is sometime after Thursday since I’ve … Continue reading

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