Too Much Information Item Scene


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Version 1.01  (5/22/2013)
Script Download

Required Scripts: 
Info Pages Window
Reader Functions for Features/Effects

Recommended Scripts (optional):
Tag Manager
Text Cache

This script remodels the item scene so that more information about items may be viewed by players. People familiar with my Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System script will find the window aesthetic similar in style.

The type of information you can provide players is customized in the Info Pages Window’s customization module.

Additionally, this script significantly changes the category selection function in the item scene. By default, players must select a category before being able to view their inventory. With this script, players may select items immediately after entering the item scene. The item category is changed by using other gamepad buttons. This makes the inventory interface more inline with console RPGs.

More item category filters can be made with Tsukihime’s Tag Manager script.


  • v1.01
  • v1.00
    • Initial release.  (4/13/2013)


Here are the icon graphics I used in my screenshots. The settings for the arrow icons can be found in both the Info Pages Window script and the TMI Item Scene script.  The arrow icons were taken directly from the default VX Ace window skin. This graphic is not required to run the script. However, you must add these icons to your own Iconset.png located in the Graphics/System folder of your project or RTP.



This script overwrites the following default VXA methods:

  • Scene_Item#start
  • Scene_Item#create_category_window
  • Scene_Item#create_item_window
  • Scene_Item#on_item_cancel

This script will have issues with other scripts that also modify the default item scene.

Terms and Conditions

Please do not repost this script elsewhere without permission.

Free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, contact me first.

Newest versions of this script can be found at

15 Responses to Too Much Information Item Scene

  1. hi! great scripts you have!!
    I’ve been using TMI Item Scen Script wich I love!!
    I’m asking if you could make it compatible with tsukihime’s Inventory Sorting. I’ve checked and it doesn’t work with TMI, but I dont’a want to leave that item scene because it’s the best I’ve seen for vx ace.
    So, can you take a look at it?

  2. Antony says:

    ‘sup. look, I have a problem, everytime I’m in the item menu and want to use an item like a potion, when I move the cursor to the left or right, the menu categories move too. It’s because I use Galv’s Menu layout, with normal menu it works. Is compatibility possible between the scripts?

  3. Antony says:

    it works. but it feels a little unconfortable to use like a/s to change categories and up/down to search through the items, and left/right for the info not possible to lock the item window after we select an item and choose in wich character we want to use it?

  4. Camelslayer says:

    Love it.
    Any way you could apply this to the Equip Menu somehow?

  5. Camelslayer says:

    Also… umm, it doesn’t seem to work with the Tag Manager. I’ve tried various orders, I’ve followed the instructions, yet items aren’t sorted into where they belong.
    He did update the script recently when I started having trouble with equipment; could his update have affected it?

    • RogueDeus says:

      Add this to the Tag Manager script, around line #89
      $imported[“Tsuki_TagManager”] = 1.4

      Tsukihime gave that solution to me, as I had the same issue.

  6. bloodyliao says:

    Hi, I wanna show such a lot of information in the equip scene too, since it would be more flexible and convenient to choose the best weapon or armor.
    Can you help me with this?
    BTW, I also use Custom Equipment Slots Script
    (, hope the item information can be compatible with it in the equip scene.

  7. Arkaik says:

    Hey bro! What a nice script!
    Can i display an image in one of the pages?
    I’d love to use it in my project and if could display the picture it’ll be perfect. ^^

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