Tales of Graces Title System

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Version 1.02 (6/07/2013)
Script Download

Predefined Titles
Titles Volume 1: Basic Package
Titles Volume 2: State and Element Bonuses

Recommended Scripts (optional)
Arbitrary Records (Required for Titles Vol. 2)

This script replicates the Title system from the Wii/PS3 game “Tales of Graces”. It’s a somewhat unique system which performs like an alternative leveling system.

This script has a high learning curve. Please read the documentation and study the examples I’ve provided in “Titles Volume 1: Basic Package” for information on how to create your own custom titles.

This script modifies actor “Nicknames”. Any Nicknames defined in your database will not be used.

And as a general rule of thumb: always assume a syntax error is your fault.


  • v1.02
    • Bugfix: Fixed issue with Death state. (6/07/13)
  • v1.01
    • Compatibility Update: “KMS Generic Gauge”
    • You can now change the rank icons.
    • Added support for “Mastery” images.
    • You can now choose whether reserve party members can learn potential titles after each battle.
    • Rearranged some code.
    • Updated script call documentation. (6/04/2013)
  • v1.00
    • Initial release.  (6/02/2013)

Known Issues

Things that will hopefully be addressed in future updates.

  • Cannot see Rank effects in the window above Rank 5.


The following Notetag is for Enemies only:

<title sp: n>

This tag defines the amount of SP an enemy awards after battle where n is a number value.

Script Calls

The following Script Calls are meant to be used in “Script…” event commands found under Tab 3 when creating a new event.


This script call forces an actor to learn a title where actor_id is an actor ID number from your database and :symbol is a symbol that represents a title. The actor will learn the title regardless of whether it is a potential title or not.


This script call gives Title SP to a specified actor where actor_id is an actor ID number from your database and value is the amount of Title SP to give. This will only give Title SP to the actor’s currently equipped title.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Still more script calls to document.


This script aliases several default methods.

  • DataManager#load_normal_database
  • DataManager#load_battle_test_database
  • BattleManager#gain_gold
  • Game_Actor#initialize
  • Game_Actor#param
  • Game_Actor#xparam
  • Game_Actor#sparam
  • Game_Actor#states
  • Game_Actor#state?
  • Game_Actor#state_addable?
  • Game_Actor#remove_state
  • Window_MenuCommand#add_original_commands
  • Scene_Menu#create_command_window
  • Scene_Menu#on_personal_ok
There are no default method overwrites.

Requests for compatibility with other scripts are welcome.

Terms and Conditions

Please do not repost this script elsewhere without permission.

Free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, contact me first.

Newest versions of this script can be found at https://mrbubblewand.wordpress.com/

13 Responses to Tales of Graces Title System

  1. Justice667 says:

    I was trying to find away to add a unique way to balance my game without the stats being insanely high. This is just what I needed. Thanks. Will try as soon as I can.

  2. Ray says:

    very great as always bubble 🙂
    just can’t stand to have a try on this 🙂

  3. Mirpono says:

    Could there be a compatibility script with Victors Animated Battlers, because when ‘Actors’ HP is at 0, theyre still alive.

  4. Ray says:

    Possibly a conflict with Yanfly Ace Battle Engine?
    This script will make the defend command no longer work properly
    guess it’s a problem about remove_state

  5. Is there a possibility that there ight be an update or patch so you can use this script along side Yanfly’s status script. I am currently using it, and trying to figure out a way in which I can remove the main menu link for this script and include it into yanflys status script so it declutters the main menu.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  6. Ray says:

    Hi Bubble.
    I would like to ask if you could make this compatible with the Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath (http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/victory-aftermath/)? Showing earned SP below EXP and creating a new column to show newly earned titles(if any). This would really help. 🙂

    Also a small request here. As I know we may assign different states to actors when equipping or mastering the title. This is very great in creating the depth of the system. But then the two lines of description for each title seems not enough to me…Would you please reserve more place for this? like adding two more lines, or creating a small window….

    Thanks so much 🙂

  7. Citizen Pancake says:

    I was curious about that too… I’m not using Yea – Victory Aftermath, but I am using MOG – Battle Results 1.4 (http://www.atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Battle/ACE_BAT14.html). Though with it, “MOG” active, party will not be rewarded any SP from battle unless it’s put into the troop event. So I was curious if it’s something that needs to be done to MOG, or if it’s something that can be done here? I absolutely want to use this system, and the battle results fit well for me and my game idea. Any help would be awesome. Thanks for the time.

  8. Excuse me, is there a way to get a title through using a skill may times?

  9. rocette says:


    I have an error when using this script with title volume 1+2 and arbitary Record.

    I tried to use MP recovery item and get error

    ‘Script ‘Arbitary Record ‘line 231: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘+ for nil:NilClass

    I been using YEA engine along with battle symphony.

    Please Help 😦

    your script really awesome I want to use it.

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