Lose Battle on Actor Death

Version 1.0 (7/12/2012)
Script Download

Some RPGs out there are arbitrarily increased in difficulty by the simple rule that if the lead character dies, it is considered a Game Over.

This small script provides that same functionality to VX Ace projects with the added flexibility of flagging any actor you want. This only affects battles. Deaths on the map scene are not checked.


  • v1.0
    • Initial release. (7/12/2012)


The following Notetag is for Actors only:

<lose on death>

Actors with this tag will cause a battle loss if they are Incapacitated in battle.


This script has built-in compatibility the following scripts:

This script aliases the following default VXA methods:

  • BattleManager#judge_win_loss
  • Game_Actor#setup

There are no default method overwrites.

Requests for compatibility with other scripts are welcome.

Terms and Conditions

Please do not repost this script elsewhere without permission.

Free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, contact me first.

Newest versions of this script can be found at https://mrbubblewand.wordpress.com/

4 Responses to Lose Battle on Actor Death

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  2. tsumi otoko says:

    Found a problem. This thing hangs up the game before the victory aftermath and after you defeated all your enemies.

  3. tsumi otoko says:

    Opps. Found out what’s wrong already. Sorry

  4. I love the concept behind this script, but I have a question/request.

    There are two main characters in the project I am currently working on: Kit and Sean. I would like this script to call a common event which would have Sean saying something like “Kit! Noo!” or what have you. Is that possible? If not, would it be possible for you to include such a feature?

    Also, the game is going to be commercial, so I will not use this script without express permission. If you require more information please inform me and I will provide what I can.

    This script is perfect for my current project and I would love to have it.

    Thank you for reading, and thanks for all your hard work as a script writer as well!


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