Learned Skills Stat Bonus

Version 1.0 (7/30/2012)
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This script allows the ability to provide stat bonuses for any skills learned by an actor. That’s it.

It doesn’t matter if the skill is usable or not usable. As long as the actor has a skill learned, the actor will gain any stat bonuses it may provide. I guess this is akin to “passive skills”, but I did not want to name it as that since this will work even with active skills.

This script has no effect on enemy stats.

I made this script to study and practice mass method aliasing. I don’t think a lot of people will find this that useful.


  • v1.0
    • Initial release. (7/30/2012)


Note: Some tags are given shorter tags for typing convenience. You only need to use one <tag> from a given group for a notebox. Use common sense.

The following Notetags are for Skills only:

<learn bonus>
</learn bonus>

This tag allows you define a recipe book. You can add as many settings between the <recipebook> tags as you like. Only items with this tag will appear in the recipes window in the crafting scene. The following settings are available:

mhp n
mmp n
atk n
def n
mat n
mdf n
agi n
luk n

There are the regular stats. The names should be self-explanatory. n can be any positive or negative number.

hit n%
eva n%
cri n%
cev n%
mev n%
mrf n%
cnt n%
hrg n%
mrg n%
trg n%
tgr n%
grd n%
rec n%
pha n%
mcr n%
tcr n%
pdr n%
mdr n%
fdr n%
exr n%

These are the xparams, the stats that you can’t normally see. It’s important to note that all these stats deal with rates. That means n% should be between 0.0% ~ 100.0% whether it’s positive or negative.


Here is an example of a <learn bonus> tag:

Learning this skill increases the actor’s ATK by +10 and CRI by 0.5%


This script aliases the following default VXA methods:

  • DataManager#load_database
  • Game_BattlerBase#params
  • All the xparams in Game_BattlerBase

There are no default method overwrites.

Requests for compatibility with other scripts are welcome.

Terms and Conditions

Please do not repost this script elsewhere without permission.

Free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, contact me first.

Newest versions of this script can be found at https://mrbubblewand.wordpress.com/

2 Responses to Learned Skills Stat Bonus

  1. jragyn says:

    You know what would make this script(which has been rehashed a dozen different times per RM-version that exists) slightly more unique?

    Making it so that having said skills with “learn bonus”es attached actually make it so that on-level-up, you gain the all the bonuses that each skill grants in addition with stats gained at levelup normally.

    idk, at least I know I would use that 🙂

  2. Marcus Vinícius says:

    You said he did not expect a lot of people consider this useful script. Well, I personally think it is the best site scripting (even with the high competition). To be perfect for me, I’d just like to add a tag that binds or turn off one switch. This would be perfect to simulate the effect of HM Pokémon in battle where one skill is something, and out of battle can be used for something else, but only if it is already enabled.

    Sorry for the bad English.

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