KMS MiniMap Compatibility Patch

Version 1.1 (7/19/2012)
Patch Download

This KMS MiniMap patch is for the following scripts:

The English version of KMS MiniMap can be found here and the Japanese version can be found here.


v1.1 : Fixed iterate error on larger maps. (7/19/12)
v1.0 : Initial release. (7/19/12)


Patches are meant to be placed below both KMS MiniMap and the script the patch is made for in your Script Editor.

2 Responses to KMS MiniMap Compatibility Patch

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  2. jragyn says:

    I see compatibility with Pixel Movement & the Sapphire ABS, any chance we can see compatibility with XAS as well? I’ve found when sticking anything in the event list (even just a comment) makes the enemy impassible while “collapsing” and when in the face of the enemy, it seems like the player is just trying to interact with the object instead of swinging their melee weapon.

    In general I find this a problem, but trying to label enemies to be seen on the minimap causes this issue in particular. 😦

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