Site News: All RGSS3 Scripts Now on Dropbox

Adieu, Pastebin. It was nice while it lasted, but all it takes is one screw up to move on.

All my RGSS3 script links should now all be properly updated. What this hopefully means for you guys is faster and more reliable downloads with no “double paste” errors in the scripts. For some reason, Pastebin has been awfully slow recently.

If there are any broken or incorrect links, please let me know.

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Site News: Pastebin Double Pastes

Pastebin seems to have screwed up my scripts and is now producing double of what the script actually is when viewing the raw paste. The scripts look fine on my end. Unfortunately, there’s no indication on when this will be fixed.

If the scripts aren’t restored by tomorrow, I will begin migrating to Dropbox. Until then, if you get System Stack errors due to doubled scripts, it’s because of Pastebin, not me. 😛

I’ve also set up a Contact page in case anyone wants to contact me directly/privately.

The following scripts have been updated:

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RGSS3: FF5 “Mix” (ちょうごう)

This script is based off the Mix skill from FF5 (or for the younger generation, Rikku’s Mix skill from FF10) where you can select two items in your inventory to create a new and possibly unique effect. I’ve wanted to make this for a very long time, but never had the time or skill to properly make it. It’s not perfect, of course, but I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

Please report script incompatibilities to me as they are likely with this type of script. There are no default method overwrites in this script, but incompatibilities are still likely and expected.

Continue to the FF5 “Mix” page.

The following scripts have been updated:

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RGSS3: Rename Anything

I saw this post and thought, “Why would you want to do that?”

But I made a script for it anyway, plus a little more.

Continue to the Rename Anything page.

The following scripts have been updated:

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RGSS3: Real-time Cooldowns


I’m so tired that I can’t think of anything interesting to say. But I do have something to share.

Continue to the Real-time Cooldowns page.

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RGSS3: Blue Magic (青魔法)

This script is based off the concept of Blue Magic from the Final Fantasy series. Simply put, Blue Magic is the ability to use enemy skills. This script is meant to be a base framework in preparation for a series of scripts also based off the concept of Blue Magic and Blue Mages. It can be used just by itself, though.

Continue to the Blue Magic page.

The following scripts have been updated:

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RGSS3: Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System v1.3 Update

The TO Crafting System script has been updated to v1.1. I’ve added the ability to select how much you want to craft, crafting tools that are required for crafting but not consumed, and the ability to charge gold. Please review the configuration module in this script since there are new additions. I’ve included the option to use the gold window or not since I understand that there might be some developers that don’t want to charge gold when crafting. If the gold window is hidden, any gold requirements will be listed in the ingredients window instead.

Please test it thoroughly. I have a feeling there are some lingering bugs I missed.

Future updates include adding the option to display pictures as covers for recipe books and the option to view item stats before crafting.


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