Battle Turn Count Window


Current Version: 1.1

Updated: 1/14/10

Battle Turn Count Window Download (.txt file MediaFire)

A simple script that creates a small window which displays the current turn in battle.

This script was made for keeping better track of the turn number for projects in development. Not very flashy for final products.

Believe it or not, this script is not a translation of someone else’s work. It is my first original script made with what I know about RGSS2. I specifically made this for myself to be used with the Tankentai ATB. The ATB uses different turn calculations and it’s hard to know what turn it is. This helps with that.

Compatibility & Installation
Made compatible with the RPG Tankentai SBS and ATB. Place this script below those battle system scripts if you’re using them. I did not make this specifically compatible with any other battle system.

Aliases a number of methods in Scene_Battle, but no methods are overwritten.

Mithran, who I stole unless defined?(::N02) from.

5 Responses to Battle Turn Count Window

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  3. deggy888 says:

    ah, just the update i was waiting for 🙂

    Thanks so much Mr. Bubble!

    • deggy888 says:

      sorry, just a small question.

      Is it normal for the turn count window to disappear after failing to escape? It might just be a compatibility problem on my end, but was just wondering if anyone else ran into the same issue.

  4. Nice script, but you would be a many people’s hero if this could be easily modified into a Doom spell counter above the enemy’s head 😉

    (If it’s possible to edit this in quickly, tell me how! =)

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