RGSS3: Load Notes from Text Files

This script (hopefully) will help developers better organize and manage their database Noteboxes. Looks like there are so many notetags out there that the tiny little Note box makes things a bit difficult.

Continue to the Load Notes from Text Files page.

Thanks to the input I’ve received from people here, here, and comments elsewhere, it is quite apparent that there is a demand for a crafting system where players are allowed to select their own items and combine them in order to obtain a new item. Because of this, I will try to begin production on a new crafting system script. My goal is to make it intuitive as my previous crafting script.

Currently, I’m still a bit stumped as to how the user-interface should look which is the main reason why I’m hesitant to say when production of this script will actually start. But I already have a design for how to define recipes so hopefully I can start on it soon.

The following scripts have been updated:

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4 Responses to RGSS3: Load Notes from Text Files

  1. I’m going to have to check this out Mr. Bubble! But from the looks of it, this is gonna be great (especially considering all of the note tags I’ve been getting myself into lately with my project). 😉

  2. DANN says:

    how about cooking system and fuse monster system like persona 4 games is just like with crafting system

  3. estriole says:

    cooking system actually can be achieved only by modify the original crafting scene’s text. to cook, etc.
    for the fuse monster… it need to change the code to recognize actors.

  4. bmaster91 says:

    I can’t get the path thing to work would you be so kind, to give me an example?

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