What features/options do you look for in an item crafting system?

I’m just about to begin production on an itemcraft script. However, the one I’m making is based off an existing RPG’s crafting system. It is very unlikely this script will be a “one-size-fits-all” in terms of itemcraft systems so I want to gauge users on what they want in a crafting system.

Here are some questions I’d like responses on. You do not need to answer them all. Just answer what interests you:

  • What are some existing examples of good crafting systems/features in video games?
  • What are some existing examples of bad crafting systems/features in video games?
  • Do you prefer crafting systems with a simple/small ingredient requirement (2~4 items) or a complex/large ingredient requirement (5~8+ items)
  • Do you care about “success chance” for crafting an item in single-player RPGs? (That is, if you fail to craft the item, you lose all ingredients/gold/catalysts.)
  • How do you prefer how itemcraft recipes/formulas are discovered?
  • How do you prefer where crafting is done? (In a shop by an NPC/event? From the menu? Some other way?)
  • What kind of tedium should be avoided in an itemcraft system?
  • Any other comments/experiences with itemcraft systems.

Just to be very clear:

  • I’m not taking suggestions on what my first crafting script will feature. I’m building it the way I want. But after I’m done with it, I might be interested in making another itemcraft script depending on the responses.
  • I’m not skilled enough/interested in making a random enchantment-style crafting (e.g. Diablo item prefix-suffix system).

You can respond to this in the comments or posting here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/3455-ace-what-featuresoptions-do-you-look-for-in-an-item-crafting-system/

Also, the following scripts have been updated:

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2 Responses to What features/options do you look for in an item crafting system?

  1. chris says:

    I think chances of success is good, but only if it can be changed during the game; if they’ve crafted a certain number of items, the chance of losing ingredients should be lowered for example.

    and recipe wise, i think it would be nice if recipes could be bought in a store. but what would be really cool would be if the player didn’t need a recipe to try to craft something and they could try random combinations whenever they want. there could be a preset trash item for any non defined combinations of items. so if the developer hadn’t added a combination of items to the recipe listings and the player tried that combination, they would only get “trash” from it.

    and finally i prefer a shop/npc crafting system rather then a menu one.

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