Animation: Wind_003

Click the animation to download the animation sheet. The gif may not represent the actual frame speed in-game depending on your browser.


It’s been very hot lately, but I sweated it out to make this animation. By the way, I’m still working on doing that ice animation I mentioned a few weeks ago.

If my hair was more suited for baseball caps, I’d wear Junpei’s hat. The color is pretty good.

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4 Responses to Animation: Wind_003

  1. EvilEagles says:

    Nice job as usual of you =)
    btw, the .net domain doesn’t work anymore?.

  2. Mr. Bubble says:

    No point in paying for it if I don’t use it. 🙂

  3. Phi says:

    Aww, you’re so lucky to get the hat! I imported my P3P (even pre-ordered) from Play-Asia but they only sent me the game.

    Also, I’d just like to say that I really admire what you do, Mr. Bubble! Keep up the great work and thanks for doing all this. 😀

  4. Igor Maxisims says:

    Its like a Perfect world tornado xD

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