Legal Update for Certain Animations

Quite awhile ago, it came to my attention that people are using my animation sheets for projects that do not involve RPG Maker VX.  Although I’m surprised that people actually want to use my amateur animations for non-VX stuff, it is perfectly fine with me.  However, it’s important for everyone to know that some of the animation sheets I’ve released use certain assets from the RMVX RTP (Run-time package).  According to the VX user agreement, RTP graphics cannot be used for commercial projects outside of VX (it is free with VX otherwise).

Because of this, I have updated the Materials page to make note of animations that use the RTP.  Specifically, all the “Cast” animation sheets and “Earth_002” cannot be used in non-VX commercial projects.

I’m not making this change because I want to nor am I being a meanie. 😛 It is simply a proper notice to those who want to avoid a potential C&D from Enterbrain even if the chance of that happening is slim.

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