Let us static cling together

A translation patch for Tactics Ogre on SNES was released last month.  If you’re one who likes tactical RPGs with an intricate storyline, branching paths, and an incredible soundtrack you should give Tactics Ogre a try.  I was never able to finish this game when it came out on PSX, but I did clock 100+ hours on it.  This is the game FFT is based on as I believe the development team for Tactics Ogre went on to work for Square (now Square Enix).  So if you liked FFT, you might like Tactics Ogre!  I’m not linking or providing any information on where to find what you need to play this.  You can easily find out on your own.

Midterms were a little rough, but I did very well!  I’m less than a month away from summer vacation.  Gonna be a quite busy for awhile.  If I don’t have time for making new animations, I’ll try and remake animations that I still haven’t gotten around to doing.

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