Feeling restless

Very rough concept. Will change dramatically. Colors are not finalized.

I was bit by the development bug a few days ago so I’ve actually got some significant progress with my project.  It’s rather silly to have a project in development for nearly two years, but I technically haven’t been working on it that much.  It’s easy to get enamored by having the opportunity to make your own game especially with all the various resources available.  You get caught up in your own aspirations and realize that you need to cut back in order to efficiently create your game.  Game development takes a lot of time and effort (not that I’m complaining, mind you).

The only unfortunate thing about it is that developers come to this realization at a different pace.  Some developers have such high aspirations for their game that they simply overwhelm themselves and, more often than not, their project never comes into fruition.  This is very common in the RPGM community.

Even though it has taken long, I still enjoy working on my project when I can.  It’s a fun hobby.  The animations I put up on this blog are resources I want to use for my own game if I haven’t mentioned that before.

Maybe I’ll post some screenshots of it soon.

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