Animation: Light_002

Click the animation to download the animation sheet. The gif may not represent the actual frame speed in-game depending on your browser.


I had to tweak this one so many times before I was finally satisfied with the end result.  This animation concept is also vaguely inspired from a game, but I doubt anyone will guess it.

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4 Responses to Animation: Light_002

  1. Aranarther says:

    Nice work on this one, I really like how your animations got such nice quality and I was just in the need for a Light spell animation too =3. I’m already looking forward to your next one ^_^ (hoping for a Dark spell animation >_>).

  2. IceWulf says:

    Let me guess the game… Super Mario RPG for the SNES?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aureola light tome in Fire Emblem?

  4. Mr. Bubble says:

    Nice, you got it!

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