Animation: Ice_002

Click the animation to download the animation sheet. The gif may not represent the actual frame speed in-game depending on your browser.

Ice_002 Frame Information:

Frame 1-15: Formation of Ice Block

Frame 16-30: Shattering of Ice Block

Frame 15: Still frame of Ice Block with no other effects.  Use it however you need.

A demo containing examples of this animation being used within the VX Database Animation editor can be found under the Materials section of this blog.


Falling ice block certainly not an original concept since it’s been used in a lot of games.  This animation, however, was inspired by one certain game.  I’ll let you guys figure it out.

The demo has simple examples utilizing Ice_002 (the same ones seen in the video).  You can use them in your game if you want.

Unfortunately, I was only able to set up a demo for this animation because I had the spare time to.  Don’t expect me to be able to do any more for a long while.  I’m refraining from creating a single download for all animations since I don’t want to update it every time I create a new animation sheet.

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4 Responses to Animation: Ice_002

  1. ADavis398 says:

    Could it be inspired by Shiva’s Heavenely Strike from Final Fantasy 10?

  2. hyde9318 says:

    this is really nice

  3. nothing5 says:


    I am just wondering how you got that “icy” effect. I am new to using particleIllusion, and have no idea how you do that.

    If you have spare time, please let me know what the effect is, and how I can do this.

    Thank you!

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