I made him an offer he couldn’t Bulbasaur

Much of Sunday was spent preparing for the Elite Four and now I’m in Kanto looking for a Houndour to round out my team.

The above picture is a very rough concept of the next animation although it may greatly change as I work on it.  The shapes are not finalized which is part of the reason why I’m having some trouble making progress on this one.  The main reason being that I’m not sure which method I should use to portray a block of ice falling on a target.  Do I simply do as I did in the image above where I automatically set the distance the ice falls?  Or should I simply center everything and let the user determine the distance from the explosion in the Animation editor?

I thought this was going to be a simple one, but I like the concept and I want to make sure the final product is up to snuff.

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4 Responses to I made him an offer he couldn’t Bulbasaur

  1. Tair says:

    The ice block on the left looks great. You’ve blown the default RMVX animations out of the water; especially the Heal animation you’ve used in your videos. It’s fantastic.

  2. ADavis398 says:

    I agree with Tair that you have blown the default RMVX animations out of the water. Your animations are some of the best I’ve seen, and also I think centering the animation is probably the best thing for your ice animation. This way the animation can have a customized distance, and can be easily combined into other animations besides ice spells.

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