Animation: Magic_006

Click the animation to download the animation sheet. The gif may not represent the actual frame speed in-game depending on your browser.

If you feel you disagree with the color, remember that you can always change the hue slider in your project’s Animation Database. 🙂


Sorry guys, I’ll be busy for awhile.  I have homework in each of my classes that’s due this week and that’s what I’ve been focusing on.  I think I’ve said before that my education is very important to me.  I will say that, when I get back into creating animations, I will try to work on making more for the elements I’ve been neglecting.  Earth is a tough element.

I thought it was quite interesting to read the responses as to where Thunder_003 could be based on.  For the record, it was inspired by Lightning II from Chrono Trigger, but that does not mean other responses were wrong.  If an animation like Thunder_003 can evoke those kinds of memories from existing games, then I feel I did a good job.

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3 Responses to Animation: Magic_006

  1. EvilEagles says:

    omg, really nice 😡 I think I should use it for some sort of cure magics.
    And,I’ve been watching your support in both RRR and , really hard-workin, eh? 🙂

    • Mr. Bubble says:

      You can use it for whatever you think it fits. 🙂

      It only takes me a few minutes to respond to people. It helps keep the monotony of reading philosophy articles from destroying my mind.

  2. Mudducky says:

    A late look here, but those last few animations all look glorious. Thank you for creating them. 🙂

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