Animation Remake: Slash_001

Click the animation to download the animation sheet. The gif may not represent the actual frame speed in-game depending on your browser.

The original Slash_001 was so bad.  I decided to simplify it.  I guess you could see this animation as something new.


I finished an exam today and I’m quite happy it went smoothly.  I do have a 6 page paper due in a couple weeks though… has some pretty awful media management.  I accidentally uploaded the wrong Slash so any image with the same file name that is uploaded afterwards will have a number affixed at the end of the file name even after I deleted the first upload!  I need a proper image host.

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1 Response to Animation Remake: Slash_001

  1. Elemental says:

    Hey, first up, love all your animations! They’re great. But I’d like to ask, could I please try to edit this slash animation? I want to see if I could make an animation for a wind sword.

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