Animation Remakes: Casts and Wind

When I look back at my earlier animations, I keep thinking to myself, “I’m pretty sure I can improve them somehow.”  You are your own worst critic after all.  Although it shouldn’t bother me that much, I prefer to keep a consistent quality for the animation sheets I release.  I’ve remade my early cast animations. If you have the original sheets and you’re ok with them, that’s fine, but I will not make those originals available anymore.

The following animations were remade:

Cast_001: Fire – Glyph and flames are darker so the flames can be more distinguishable.  Flames now linger a bit longer.

Cast_002: Ice – Glyph is a bit darker so the white wouldn’t be so dominant.  Stylized snowflake on the glyph is easier to distinguish.

Cast_003: Thunder – Lightning tendrils are a bit more distinguishable.  Not very noticeable if animation blending is set to Add.  Still not completely satisfied with this one.

Cast_006: Wind – Wind effect is increased and much more distinguishable.

Wind_001: Black background removed.  Changed colors.

Sorry, but no examples for these. Making gifs take a lot of time.  I’ll be removing more black backgrounds in the future.

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2 Responses to Animation Remakes: Casts and Wind

  1. PrinceLegendario says:

    “Taylor, the Latte Boy, I love you, I love you, I love you” xD

  2. PKPwnr says:

    The first time I saw the animations, I fell in love with them,

    Now I’m in more love! I absolutely adore the new ice and thunder cast! I tried them and they look epic! Good job bubs! Can’t wait for more!

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