A 10,000+ hits gift!

My friend Ryuuchan has drawn me a picture in celebration of 10,000+ hits!


Thanks Ryuuchan!  Good luck with your game project!

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3 Responses to A 10,000+ hits gift!

  1. Hi Bubble!

    Just waltz in your blog and wanna say Hi!
    How bout drop in my site, I opened it for RPG MAKER too
    but in progress


    Above is the link!

    And about the Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days. The three of them have such peculiar name except for Hayner. I mean Its ok, right?

    I mean, Pence? That sure a 78% sounds like Fence.

  2. Amzi says:

    Congratulations Bubble,I’ll link you up to the RPG me,and a group of university friends are working on once we upload material.
    Thanks for you contributions. I’m certain that this must be truly time consuming. Just wanted to bid honor were honor it is due.

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