Thanks for 10,000+ hits!

I just noticed this blog reached over 10,000 hits!  Thank you to anyone who has visited!  Thank you to any regular visitors as well.

It has been awkward these past months with the blog moving several times, but WordPress is very stable (and free!) so I hope to stick here for quite a while.

I also want to personally thank my friend Ryuuchan for translating my About and Terms pages to Japanese.  She’s über nice!  Ryuuchan’s site, Heaven’s Sky (18+), is linked in the Cool Links sidebar.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a gift ready for this occasion.  My only consolation is to say that I hope to keep a relatively steady output of resources in the coming future.  It’ll be a bit tough with classes and homework, but I’ll try!

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2 Responses to Thanks for 10,000+ hits!

  1. Shin says:

    Congrats Mr. Bubble!
    I am sure this blog will reach even higher!

  2. Mudducky says:

    Congratulations Mr Bubble. Hooray on 10k hits. 😛

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