Animation: Water_003


Click the animation to download the animation sheet. The gif may not represent the actual frame speed in-game depending on your browser.

Normally, I do not like making animation sheets that are very long, but if it is necessary to achieve the type of effect I want then it is worth it.  The animation sheet is slightly different from the gif example.  I had to make some changes from the original.

This animation was inspired by the spell effect “Kindness Drops” from the Suikoden series.

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7 Responses to Animation: Water_003

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  2. gunkstudios says:

    What did you use to develop this Flash or Gimp?

  3. suvin1122 says:

    nice one…!!! what z the software used???

  4. Mr. Bubble says:

    It’s mentioned in the Terms of Use page. 🙂

  5. how can I download this animation to my website or can I

  6. XPlunatic says:

    Hmmm…Testing it, it makes a very good “Raise 2” for RMXP.

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