Dealing with copycats

I realized quite some time ago — even before I made this blog — that there are unscrupulous people who will take notice of what I do whether I like it or not.  Over the past year, I’ve seen old, outdated screenshots from my project pop up in a couple forums asking, “Where do I get such-and-such thing from this screenshot?”  This hasn’t happened to just me, of course.  I’ve seen it happen with a number of other people’s screenshots.

That’s pretty much the risk you take when showing your project images.  Obviously, if I didn’t want the attention, I would simply not make any videos or not show any screenshots from my personal project.  But it’s not uncommon to provide screenshots for critique.  It’s always good to get early feedback for your game.

But when I see the window skin I’ve been using ripped from my project’s screenshots, it tells me that I need to be careful with what I put out in the future.

I also occasionally get asked about the scripts I use.  My answer is the same to everyone.  All the scripts I use in my project are publicly released scripts.  However, I do (heavily) modify these public scripts to my own preferences (relocating drawn items in windows, etc) which anyone can do.  Technically, B.U.B.S. is a private configuration, but it is done purely within Enu’s Sideview script, a public scriptAnyone could make their own battler configuration if they wanted.

The reality is that this is the internet.  Stuff like image ripping will happen anyway.  I cannot stop it, but I will definitely be more selective when it comes to releasing information or images from my project.

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8 Responses to Dealing with copycats

  1. EvilEagles says:

    Oh … that’s a screenshot from my own project. What makes you think that windowskin is ripped from your screenshot?.

    • Mr. Bubble says:

      Mainly because you PM’d me many months ago telling me that I had a pixel mistake in the window frame I was using. I don’t see how you could’ve seen that without zooming for some reason. Unless you know where that windowskin is originally from then I apologize.

      Even then, I still have to be careful from now on.

  2. EvilEagles says:

    O.o … man … That’s right. I forgot that. At that time I thought making the frame like yours isn’t a really big problem (mainly because I made all of the rest things in my windowskin myself >”<). Sorry for being so rude, I'll make another frame.
    And, like you said, image ripping will happen anyways, you can't do anything. It depends on people sense (man … sorry again :-<)

    • Mr. Bubble says:

      If you want to keep using that frame, it’s fine (it’s a nice frame). I didn’t make the original. It’s from an XP windowskin which I converted to VX. But it was a very obscure windowskin and I made mistakes when I converted it.

      Your case was just one example. There are other reasons why I need to be selective about what I release.

      Anyway, good luck with your game because your HUD is nicely made. 🙂

  3. WaterRMVX says:

    ^^^ lol that’s rich…man I hope this doesn’t stop u from releasing awesome things =(

  4. MirageV says:

    At least you didn’t have someone copy your game’s entire design looks and system-wise.

    Though I suppose that’s what I get for posting a plethora youtube videos!

    • Mr. Bubble says:

      That sucks! That’s another reason why I should be more cautious about what I disclose from now on. Hope that didn’t stop you from continuing your project though.

  5. Mudducky says:

    In the past there have been a few videos on youtube where the mapping, tunes and dialogue are copied from other project. I could tell that quite clearly since I use to play a lot of these demos and then noticed the same game on youtube under a different name.

    I also heard there are programs around that can crack open a project illegally. If such programs really are around the internet, and for public download too, then that really is creepy.

    -sigh- You really do have to be careful if you don’t want your entire project, or a majority of it, stolen.

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