Yay, video footage! – A B.U.B.S. Demonstration

What is B.U.B.S.? B.U.B.S. stands for


Great name, don’t you think? 🙂

The sprites are from the game Ragnarok Online. Although using RO sprites really isn’t a new concept for RPG Maker, I’ve created a new type of battler format specifically for the RPG Tankentai Sideview Battle System. This format uses the flexibility of the SBS script to try to utilize as many frames as there are available for the RO sprites. This means that unlike other existing formats such as Minkoff’s or Kaduki, a battler can utilize more than just 3 or 4 frames when doing an action.

For example, Satan Morroc in this video utilizes 12 frames just when he’s standing still(!) and 6 frames when he’s attacking. The Succubus uses 3~6 frames for idling and attacking.

It usually takes me awhile to finish just one enemy battler and that’s not including making unique skills for them either (see Aqua Elemental).

B.U.B.S. is not an independent script. It is simply a unique configuration to the Tankentai SBS module and can be done with the SBS script alone. The sprites, however, are aligned on sprite sheets manually by me and that’s the easier part of creating a battler. Other things you see such as the battle HUD is done by another script.

Will this script be released publicly?
I have no plans to release this configuration publicly anytime soon. It *might* be released eventually, but only after I’ve finished my own game first. You can, however, create *your own* battler setup using the Tankentai SBS.

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10 Responses to Yay, video footage! – A B.U.B.S. Demonstration

  1. Moonlight says:

    This is great, nice job Mr Bubble ! The monsters acts really lively with this. 🙂

    This makes me remember giving up on using animated RO sprites because some of them just don’t look good enough for me with 3 frames, like Nidhoggr for example. xD

    They’re definitely smoother with this. ^^

    • Mr. Bubble says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      Each battler takes a lot of time and patience to set up though. I think I’d be farther with my project if I stuck with single-imaged battlers. I just love playing with the SBS scripts though. x_x

  2. Moonlight says:

    Yeah, this is another reason why I gave up. I didn’t want to spend to much time on setting up the monsters since I think I still have to many things to do.

    And I see we’re on the same boat, one year I started my project and there is still anything playable yet, the only thing I do is playing with different scripts and I’m not even done yet. xD

    Good luck with you project, I will definitely try it when it comes out. 😛

  3. Mudducky says:

    Bubs Unusual Battler Setup!

    Very creative sample there Mr Bubble. You sure have a lot of patience with the Tankentai. 🙂

  4. marty613 says:

    how to use battler ro battler mr bubble???

  5. fredscorpses says:

    Where did you get that sprite D:

  6. ADavis398 says:

    Question, I’ve downloaded your cast animations from your blog, & I love them 2 death by the way. But my question is when you make the cast animation, how did you make it so that in battle the attribute of the spell your using has the respective attribute cast animation? Obviously you need to edit the script, but do you make a separate action in the SBS Configurations for each attribute cast? I don’t want to copy your system you have made, I just want to know how 2 use different cast animations.

  7. Tanz_archeart says:

    Ummm Mr Bubble has this script or demo been released sinced then?
    its been a while so was wondering if it has been released?

    • Mr. Bubble says:

      Nope, it hasn’t been released nor will it be. Like I’ve said before, it’s simply a heavily configured Tankentai SBS script.

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