Untitled project progress

I’ve only been playing with VX for just about over a year and I still haven’t made much progress on my personal project other than how I want my menu to look.  I still haven’t even named the thing.  But I’ve learned a lot in a year, and I feel I can make a strong game with what I know.


The battle HUD is not finalized.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make the animation shown in the screenshot.

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4 Responses to Untitled project progress

  1. WaterRMVX says:

    Nice but what happen to your youtube one was it just a test?

    • Mr. Bubble says:

      I have a couple YouTube videos up so I’m not sure exactly which one you’re talking about. The latest video I have up is what I’ve been working on up to now.

  2. Mudducky says:

    I really like the hud system you created there. Suits the battle well.

    I’ve no idea what RP means, but that looks interesting.

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