Site News: Slight file name change to animations

I’ve updated each animation file name to have three digits rather than two. Not that I plan on making 999 of every type of animation, but if I make a variation of an existing animation even if it’s only slight, I would rather continue counting with the labels (001, 002, 003) rather than give it some odd name to save digits (01, 01a, 01b). Three digits will save me trouble in the future if I ever go that far.

To anyone that has already downloaded existing sheets with the old file name: this should have no immediate effect on you and you should not redownload them. This may be a slight slight annoyance in the event I release an Animations.rvdata, but I’d rather do it now than later.

If anyone encounters a broken link, please leave a comment in that post and I’ll get to it. Thanks. Now back to studying. 😦

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