Animations: Fire_001 & Water_001

Click the animation to download the animation sheet.  The gif does not represent the actual frame speed in-game.

I hope to make animations a semi-daily kind of update.  Please note that I’m still learning the program so expect the first wave of animations to be basic emitters.

Since this is the grand opening of the blog, I decided to put up two animations I’ve stitched together.  Don’t expect two new animations every post. 🙂

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5 Responses to Animations: Fire_001 & Water_001

  1. Shin says:

    The water one looks like a gun shot on a glass…

    The fire one is awesome!

  2. Mr. Bubble says:

    Yeah, I was worried that was what water looks like. I’ve already decided on creating a slower version of it.

  3. Aranarther says:

    Hmm..Could you please release your older animations that got a black background with an transparent background? When i use them in my game i can’t get rid of it (even though i selected the black background with the resource manager).

  4. john says:

    im trying to use these for stop motion videos . only the ones with transparent backgrounds work is there a way to change the black backgrounds to transparent

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